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Literary works
This category includes novels, poems, articles, essays, computer programs, databases, and other written works.

Artistic works
It covers original Logo designing, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, architectural designs, maps, and works of artistic craftsmanship.

Musical works
Original musical compositions with or without lyrics, including songs, instrumental pieces, and jingles, are eligible for copyright protection.

Cinematographic films
Copyright can be obtained for movies, documentaries, short films, and any other audiovisual works. Both the visual and audio components are protected.

In India, copyright protection is governed by the Copyright Act, 1957. The Act provides legal protection for various types of creative works. Copyright registration refers to the process of formally registering a creative work with the relevant copyright office. While copyright protection exists automatically upon creation of a work, registering the copyright provides additional benefits and legal advantages.

Copyright registration is a legal process through which creators can formally protect their original works. By registering their copyright, creators obtain several important benefits. Firstly, it provides concrete evidence of ownership, serving as a public record that establishes their rights over the work. This evidence is crucial in case of disputes or infringement issues. Secondly, copyright registration acts as a deterrent, discouraging potential infringers from using or copying the work without permission. In the event of infringement, registered copyright holders have the advantage of pursuing legal action and seeking remedies, such as monetary damages and injunctions.

Additionally, copyright registration can facilitate international protection, making it easier to enforce rights in other countries. It also contributes to the public notice of the copyright, ensuring that others are aware of the creator's rights and encouraging respect for those rights. Furthermore, registration enhances the potential for licensing and generating royalties from the work. Finally, in some jurisdictions, registering a copyright within a specific timeframe or before infringement occurs provides additional enforcement advantages, including statutory damages and attorney's fees. Overall, copyright registration is a valuable step for creators to safeguard their intellectual property and assert their rights in a more robust and effective manner.

Sound recordings
Audio recordings, such as songs, speeches, and other recorded sounds, can be copyrighted independently from the underlying musical composition.

Computer software
Computer programs and software, including source code and object code, are protected as literary works under the Copyright Act.


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Broadcasts and performances
The rights of broadcasters and performers can be protected under copyright law, which covers live performances, recorded performances, and broadcasts.

Derivative works
If a new work is created by adapting, translating, or transforming an existing copyrighted work, the new work may also be eligible for copyright protection. However, it should possess sufficient originality.

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