Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Compliance

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LLP Compliance

The companies register under MCA - Ministry of Corporate Affairs needs to filed their compliance on or before the due date as referred to calendars and that will be taken care by our professional to make sure that you are compliant on time. It is mandatory to file their returns without fail even if there is no business to avoid late fee and notice from the concern departments. 

A Limited Liability Partnership that has been incorporated in India must ensure the compliances concerning the Companies Act, 2013 are adequately met. The ROC compliance for registered Limited Liability Partnership is necessary. Irrespective of the total turnover or the capital amount, the company must comply with the annual compliance requirement. MakeEasyFilings provides a comprehensive Company compliance service that includes annual filings at a very affordable. How the business is important to you, the same importance should applied for filing. By admitting/ filing your Income/ Profit or expenses/ losses on time, you will become regular tax payer and liable to opt for the scheme provided by the government of India.

Why Compliance?

It is compulsory for all registered companies to file their returns on or before the due date.

Late tax payers will have to bare the late fee and interest which is payable for the department.

The best company who files their returns on time will enable them to run business towards the growth by obtaining all the schemes by the government.

By filing your returns as a regular tax payer, banks and other financial institutions are providing business loans on the basis of filing records.

Documents Required

LLP incorporation Certificates

Bank Statements

KYC documents of Partners

Other documents required will be informed by the Account Manager.

Contact details of Partners

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ROC Compliance calendar

Form 3 must be filed by newly incorporated Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) within 20 days from the date of incorporation. Failure of which leads to late fee per day Rs.100/-.

LLP Form 3

Form DIR 3

Book keeping

Accounts Finalisation

LLP Form 8

LLP Form 11

Other Compliances

Income Tax/ Audit

GST Filings

TDS/ TCS Filings


All the directors of the company must be filed for the DIN eKYC or DIR-3 eKYC. In DIR-3 eKYC, the Director must provide a unique personal mobile number and a personal email address. There's a penalty of Rs. 5000 in case of failure to file DIN eKYC.

Book Keeping is maintaining book of records which every company does and it will provide a clear picture of company's strategy and also easy to prepare financial report.

Accounts finalisation is done at the year end by computing the records of company's records before admitting to income tax filings.

Filing LLP Form 8 must provide details of financial transactions undertaken during the financial year and position at the end of financial year, File by declaration statement of accounts to Registrar of companies. Filing should be filed on or before October 30th and fail to file Rs.100/- per day.

Form 11 is the annual return filings for the Limited Liability company and it must be filed on or before may 30th and failure of filings leads to Rs.100/- penalty per day

Income tax should be filed by all business even if there is no business to avoid notices or late fee. Income Tax accounted from For example: Assessment year 2018 Financial Year 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2017. The companies required to do Audit is for those who cross turnover more than 50L for service industry and 1Cr others.

GST is an indirect tax which comes under CBIC and it is mandatory to be filed and tax amount to be paid as per the filings frequency selected by the tax payer

TDS - Tax Deduction at Source TCS - Tax Collection at Source . It is a deduction on the for example salary/ service/ rent/ Profession fee payable for those who exceed the transaction as referred to the TDS or TCS Table.

Every company those who have employees and register users of ESIC/ EPFO/ Professional Tax/ Labor tax all they required to admit their filings by paying the tax before the due dates of every department.

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