Documents required for GST Registration

Key notes for GST Registration documentation. Documents required for GST registration


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1/25/20233 min read

There are certain documents required for registering with GST "Goods & Services Tax" which is ruled and governed by CBIDTC "Central Board Of Indirect Tax & Customs". The basic important requirement to register GST is documentation which must be very proper and which will also be evaluated by the GST officer of the concern department.

The GST documentation will get vary according to the sector of business and individual.

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For Individual (Indian Resident/Proprietor)
  • Pan Card of the individual

  • Aadhar Card of the individual

  • Photograph of the individual

  • Mobile Number of Partners/ Promoters

Society/ Trust/ Partnership Firm/ LLP (Other than proprietor)
  • PAN Card of Partners/ Promoters

  • Aadhar Card of Partners/ Promoters

  • Photograph of Partners/ Promoters

  • Mail ID of Partners/ Promoters

  • Mobile Number of Partners/ Promoters

  • PAN of Organization/ Firm

  • Deed of Organization/ Firm

(OPC)/ Private Limited Company/ Other Limited Companies
  • PAN Card of Director(S)

  • Aadhar Card of Director(S)

  • Photograph of Director(S)

  • Mail ID of Director(S)

  • Mobile Number of Director(S)s

  • PAN of Organization/ Firm

  • Deed of Organization/ Firm

Document required for the Registered Office Address where GST is Getting Registered

For Owned Property

  • Sales Deed Of the Property

  • Property Tax Receipt/ Water Tax Receipt

For Owned Property by family member or other (without Rent)

  • Sale Deed of the property

  • Consent Letter from the Property Owner

  • Property Tax Receipt/ Water Tax Receipt (recent)

Above said owned property by others can be used of those property of/ in the relationship such as father/ mother/ in laws/ wife/ husband the clause of relationship or concern needs to be mentioned on the concern letter.

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For the Rented Property

  • Rental Agreement (valid)

  • NOC from the Landlord/ Owner

  • Electricity Bill/ Building tax receipt (recent)

The rent agreement must be within the period of 11 months and more than 11 months needs to be validated and attested by the notary public and registered with registrar or sub-registrar office.

For the sub-let property

  • Rent agreement of sub-let owner

  • Rent agreement

  • NOC from Landlord

  • Electricity Bill/ Building tax receipt

Note: Consent letter and rental agreement must be printed on the stamp paper only and the value of stamp paper will change or vary state to state.


Rental Agreement must be in the followed points:

  • Date of which rent agreement is prepared

  • Details of Lessor & Lessee

  • Period of Agreement

  • Advance amount or lease amount

  • Rent amount

  • Date of which rent needs to be paid

  • Details and address of said property

  • Measurement in sq.ft to be mention on said property

  • On every page bottom lessor and lessee must sign

  • Last page there must be details of minimum of 2 witnessed along with their details (Name, ID Proof No: Aadhar/ PAN/ Voter's ID, Mobile Number. Address)

Documentation above said are as per the convicted practices on registering with GST portal and further changes may happen while examination and also will get vary state to state.

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