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MakeEasyFilings is an online professional CA, CS, and Lawyer service provider based in India. We provide a comprehensive range of business registration, accounting & book-keeping solutions, tax filings, GST services, corporate compliances, legal services and consulting services. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing the best solutions tailored to our clients' needs.

Our mission is to bring businesses into the 21st Century and make it easier to do business in India. We take pride in our commitment to the success of our clients, and our approach to providing the best possible service. Through our services, we strive to make it simpler, stress-free and time-saving for businesses to manage their finances and compliances.

MakeEasyFilings provides a one-stop shop for all your business needs. We are one of the leading business registration, accounting & book-keeping solutions providers in India, and we also offer GST services, corporate compliances, legal services and consulting services. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to our clients' needs.

We understand that businesses need to stay competitive in the current market and must comply to all the applicable regulations. We provide the services needed to ensure that businesses remain compliant with the applicable regulations and laws. We are committed to providing the highest quality services and ensuring the best possible results for our clients.

At MakeEasyFilings, we are passionate about helping businesses succeed. We strive to make the business process simpler, stress-free and time-saving, and we believe that our services are a key factor in helping businesses grow and succeed. We strive to be the best in the industry and to provide our clients with the best possible service and results.

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Rajeesh Puliyan

About Us
About Us

The name MakeEasyFilings is an online platform which was introduced for simplifying professional services relating to CA (Chartered Accountant), CS (Company Secretary), Lawyers (Corporate). We are fulfilling the daily requirements of entrepreneurs in their business life. The name MakeEasyFilings simply means make your filings easier and we make sure that the services done are user friendly and genuine for the user/ customer, we also make sure that services are done on time as we value the business and its importance.

MakeEasyFilings is working with a largest network of professionals as we make no compromise in the service we do and we take the responsibility on the services we do as we are working on behalf of your business.

MakeEasyFilings is a brand of FINSERVE CAPRION PRIVATE LIMITED which is the corporate body. The head office and register is situated at Chennai, Tamilnadu and other branches located at Ernamkulam, Kerala; Hobli, Karnataka; Hyderabad, Telangana; Marthandam, Tamil Nadu.

The Founder of MakeEasyFilings is Mr. Rajeesh Puliyan, MBA. He has completed his bachelor degree BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration (Advance Studies). He is well specialized and certified in Entrepreneurship development and computer programming courses. He had a core interest in accounting, finance, legal and technology. The experience earned was core in all subjects and that made him confident to work for you.

Rajeesh Puliyan is basically a keralite and brought up completely in Chennai. His father Mr. Rajan PK (late) is also a well settled business man in Chennai and who holds multiple business and he is the role model of his life.

"My dad is a brilliant business person who earned belief in public and as he does business in a genuine way, that made him a successful entrepreneur"

"As a son and blood of an Entrepreneur, I myself make sure that the same formula of my father will be applied"

                                                    -Rajeesh Puliyan


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